This is Abuamerican

Proud Muslim American, religiously conservative, has a knack for living with multiple women in one house

I’ve coached hundreds of men . . .

I’ve coached hundreds of men and helped them to improve their relationships with their wives. I’ve saved countless marriages and taught men how to get their relationships right. With the right techniques, it’s possible to have multiple loving & submissive women. If you are looking to learn how to do that, I provide a number of courses & products on the subject. And for more specific issues, I am willing to do one-on-one consultations.


Before I married my wife, no elders sat me down and gave me the 411 about women and I just went into marriage blindly. But, wallah Allah is my witness, you changed my thoughts. And I pray Allah rewards you for what you do.

I decided to buy a 45-minute one-on-one phone session with this brother, and I explained my situation and he was able to coach me exactly what to do and what to say to regain “frame” in my relationship. […] Abu American provided me with golden advice to regain my frame in the relationship and empower me as a man. Believe it or not, my wife respects me more after following his advice.

[About the vetting guide] A tremendous effort has been expended in the production of this work. A book? A course? A guide, perhaps? No. A frank admonition by a surrogate father to many that grew up deprived of the wisdom discussed herein. An eye-opening, essential read for the young man of the 21st Century.

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